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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Here are 5 Business Continuity Plan tips to keep your business working while in Lockdown

Having to constantly shift our business model or platforms can be time-consuming and whenever there is a system failure or having to change constantly cause by a natural disaster or in today's world a pandemic COVID -19 lockdown's. We need to be more agile in how we run our businesses and be able to move quickly. Well, here are some of our top 5 tips on what you can do,

Tip 1. Remote Access for Services / Product takeaway or Delivery Services

Ensure in all your business services or products move to a remote setup. For a business, if you have a windows device you can set up a remote desktop platform. If you are a mac user you can download it for free. Before you give anyone remote access to any of your platforms using their personal devices, have your IT Team screen the devices first.

Another great platform for user access management remotely is OneLogin.

With today's technology you can have takeaway options and delivery services easily sorted. For those that are not able to do either head over to our second step- Buy Now, Use later tip

Tip 2. Buy Now, Use Later

The greatest part of today ecommerce sites are becoming more and more affordable to where you can setup on your website or a setup e-commerce site for consumers to buy either your services or vouchers and use later when lockdown is lifted. Here are a few and affordable ways you can set this up.

  • Using Ecommerce sites that charge a small interest fees. One site I recommend is Square.

  • Setup an account with Afterpay or zip pay

  • Gift Vouchers or Store Credits

  • Buy a gift or meal for someone and have it delivered

Tip 3. Communicate & Educate

There are so many ways we can communicate with our consumers. Use the appropriate tools that match your consumers needs. Educate not place fear into consumers, we already feel overwhelmed with all the different news outlets. Sharing knowledge and helping one another with the appropriate resources for them to reach out to.

Tip 4. Mail Redirections/ Collection

One often item that can be forgotten about is the mail, while we may not receive as much as we used, we still need to ensure your mail/ deliveries that you would normally receive get redirected to an address that can be collected or held somewhere safe. Even if it is a short time.

Tip 5. Phone Diversions

You can now move your Phone hardware systems to a virtual system that can give you the flexibility to change your phone to a mobile service and with your staff being able to set their availability on their mobile phones and divert without that extra cost. Contact your IT team or a IT Telecommunications Specialist to set you up.

Current or further lockdowns risk permanent closure for our beloved local cafes, hairdressers, beauty services, tourism, and many other business and industries, so let's show our support and get behind them.

Contact us today if you need help with setting up or connecting to someone to help you with remote services or systems.


Thank you Destination Wollongong for your continue support.

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