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Save Time And Stay Agile with Effective Business Systems

About Us

Tailored, flexible and efficient business administration and workflow solutions, based on 17 years of administrative and operational experience. 

FINALIST 2019 IMB Illawarra Business Chambers Superstar Startup Category

FINALIST 2020 Illawarra Women in Business Awards Best New Business Category

About ProAdmin Solutions

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When you're running a business, admin tasks can feel overwhelming.

Overdue filing, maintaining a database, managing projects, event management and general day-today-admin tasks can be time-consuming, especially when you aren't using efficient processes. 

ProAdmin Solutions helps businesses lessen their burden by alleviating stress, saving time and saving money. We help you sift through the operational clutter so that you can focus on the growth of your business.


We are your business admin operational saviour: helping you streamline your operational needs, including general administration, workflow processes, project administration and event coordination.

Our mission is to serve clients in an ethical and professional way, by saving them time and money and alleviating stress, through our knowledge, experience, skills and expertise.

Our vision is to help create the best workflow processes for each client business, so they can be efficient and effective. 

ProAdmin Solutions' clients benefit from our positive 'can do' attitude. No task is too complex, too far outside of our scope or capabilities - We thrive in finding solutions to client problems. We complete complex and varied tasks with confidence and attention to detail.

Committed to the delivery of high standards of work, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver the very best service to them. We work autonomously, or as part of a team, and can tailor our approach to suit the individual needs of every client business. 

Values and Mission

Affiliated Partner

We are proud to be affiliated partners with the below software companies

OneLogin | Microsoft |  AgileCRM

ProAdmin Solutions | Founder - Andriana Epistithiou

Meet Andriana, the PROficient founder of ProAdmin Solutions. 

Andriana founded ProAdmin Solutions to help businesses save on money, time and stress. Andriana's extensive experience in administration and business processes, means she is well placed to advise businesses on the most cost-effective and efficient systems to help them flourish. 


With a wide range of experience and knowledge, Andriana is confident in delivering excellent professional service. Equipped with her Samsung notebook and her business-minded approach, she has established ProAdmin Solutions as a successful service provider for businesses in Sydney, Wollongong and beyond. 

Andriana is PROactive, PROgressive and PROfessional, and through ProAdmin Solutions, she and her team provide practical administrative support to businesses.

In her spare time, Andriana enjoys cooking and baking good food to share with family and friends.

Meet The Founder - Andriana Epistithiou

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